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built in licence manager in exe

Status: Declined

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It would be useful fo have a built-in mechanism for protecting executable code.  Essentially something similar to what labview uses to protect its own code.  When an executable is run (if this option is selected in the build) the registry is checked for a licence key, the key will compare the hardware id (could even look at max for serial numbers) and key and see if it decodes to the selected seed specified durring the build process.  If the key is not a match the user can not use the program.  Although this is not all that difficult to add, implemented it into the build only would keep for extra code in the source and spending time to protect your IP.  I have been asked many times for this by my clients and hate to have to spend extra time building this feature into my applications.



Builds have Licence tab.  Includes a private key, enable liscence on exe, liscence expiration (optional), Custom Licence  message(optional ie: "please contact for a liscence number HardwareID=111112345")

If enabled, the licence key (stored in registry or appdata file) is checked.

If key is valid continue loading exe, else prompt for licence key to be entered with custom message.


If LabView is to be used as an endproduct with 1000's of distributed copies of your application, the IP Protection is a must.


I know there are many 3rd party products but one specifically integrated into the LV runtime environment would be very cool.





Paul Falkenstein
Coleman Technologies Inc.
CLA, CPI, AIA-Vision
Labview 4.0- 2013, RT, Vision, FPGA
AristosQueue (NI)
NI Employee (retired)

First rule of cybersecurity: Never EVER build your own. Leave the cryptography and the signing to experts in that field.


LabVIEW's licensing is a third-party vendor that we have customized. Getting them to allow us to create our own signing mechanism would be tremendously expensive -- yes, we've asked. And you definitely wouldn't want to rely upon anything that we created ourselves unless we hired, very specifically, a team of cybersecurity experts and paid them lots of money, raising the price of LV substantially. 


Those third party tools you spoke of are actually way way "cooler" than anything we'd build in-house.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 6 kudos within 6 years after posting will be automatically declined.