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Integrated Structure Labels

Status: Completed
Available in LabVIEW 2012

I think structures should have a better label system. Currently I use free labels of the same color as the loop which looks great and makes the code easy to read and debug. But if I resize my loop I have to manually resize the label as well. I think this should be built into a right-click option.


(structure) rick-click » visible items » Structure label


Integrated Structure Labels.PNG

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This is a great idea.  However, loops already have labels and you can color them the same as the structure (they even reposition with the upper left corner of the structure, as the structure is moved and resized).  Granted, it's not exactly the same as what you propose, and isn't quite as featureful, but it gets the job done for me.



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As Jim states, current functionality "gets the job done for me" too. Check out this link that proposes that the current implementation of centered labels becomes more predictable.
I disagree with the previous comments. Integrated labels, especially coloured ones like those suggested, would definietly aid readability.
I would use this a lot!!!
"reposition and color" = time I don't have.
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Stop flooding the ideas board with meaningless posts!!!!!!! Smiley Mad


Current functionality on loop labels works for me too - I don't know why it needs to be just inside rather than just outside the upper left corner.

I do think that having the label change automatically color when you change the color of the loop would save some mouse clicks.


What is shown above that I really want is individual frame labels within a sequence structure.  Something similar to that would be nice for case and event structures too: yes you can drop a free text block into every case, but that can be a pain when resizing.  Having the "what this frame does" or "what this case does" description autoposition when you resize the same way the entire structure's label does would be handy.


Along these lines, I took over a project and one of the while loops has a lable that is missing the box around it.  How did that happen and how do it get the box back?

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The label has a foreground color (the box) and a background color (the color behind the text). Try right-clicking  the box using the Coloring tool to bring up the color selection dialog and using the "F" and "B" keys to switch between selecting the foreground and background colors. There's more about the color selection dialog on my blog ( if you're curious.

Christina Rogers
Principal Product Owner, LabVIEW R&D
For people voting for this I'd like to recommend a plugin for Right-Click Framework - Label Manager ( It doesn't cover full functionality proposed in this idea, but speeds up repainting and repositioning a lot.