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VI Property "Set origin at top left corner"

Status: New

I know this idea has already been posted as a right-click option, but what if there were a VI property to set the origin of all the front panel panes at the top left when the VI runs? I'm cognizant of the origin dot when I design my front panels and hate it when double-clicking on a control from the block diagram throws off the origin.  With some of my more intricate front panels it can be a tricky process to reposition the origin manually.


Since splitters can create multiples panes, it makes sense to set all the panes as well.


I've attached a VI I use to get this functionality, but it seems appropriate to have this as a VI property.


Origin at top left.png

Robert Mortensen
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This is a very old idea that resembles some others (#1, #2, etc.), but it still stands on its own. (personally, I would prefer the #1 option, but that's more complicated. This one would get us closer. ;))


In any case, I think if we had such an option, is would belong into the Windows Run-Time Position configuration instead because it is very closely related to the Run-Time Panel size. This would also give us the option to set it at a user-defined position (not just 0,0) if desired.


Would be nice to have. Here's how it could look like.







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I don't really mind where the setting resides. I've never needed an origin other then (0,0) in practice... I'd sooner re-zero my panel than set a non-standard origin as a persistent VI setting!


Either way, I'd very much like this magical setting to default to TRUE on all new VIs.

Chris Virgona