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Text formatting shortcuts (Ctrl+B/I/U) should work when editing text labels and decorations

I find it a real pain to add simple formatting to text in labels and decorations (free labels / floating text).  I really wish that Ctrl+B (Bold), Ctrl+U (Underline), and Ctrl+I (Italics) would do thier expected magic.

JKI Blog
Trusted Enthusiast
Since all of these shortcuts have another context action (described here, in duplicate Idea Use standard Windows shortcuts to change font styles), I would rather see A Text Toolbar.
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Hey Jack: You're sort of my unofficial LV Idea Exchange hand-holder today 🙂  Sorry about all the duplicate ideas.


I would argue that even though these shortcuts already have another context action, if text is selected with a cursor and has key focus, the text editing shortcuts should take priority (I can't think of a reason why I would want to remove broken wires (Ctrl+B) when I have a cursor and key focus inside a text label).


JKI Blog
Trusted Enthusiast

I never delete all broken wires at once, I rarely use Clean Up (and when I do, I reach for the icon on the toolbar), and I didn't even know you could bring up VI properties using a keyboard shortcut. The three text editing shortcuts are of course burned in my brain as ubiquitously the most-used shortcuts after CTRL+C,X,V. I may be having a change of heart on these ideas...


Jim Kring wrote:

You're sort of my unofficial LV Idea Exchange hand-holder today

I've never felt so complimented and weirded-out at the same time. (Is a :smiley-wink: appropriate or inappropriate here?)

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The VI properties window should definitely react to CTRL-B.



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Most of people that uses Windows are familiar to basic standard shortcuts created by IBM in 1987, called CUA, and adopted by Windows and great part of applications that runs over this OS. Among all, three shortcuts are very common and usual, the ones listed in this idea.


In the LabVIEW enviroment, I was able only to sabe in my mind the Ctrl+B shortcut, but rarely use because the danger effect it causes when hidden broken wires are envolved.


NI should realocate this shortcuts in order to follow the CUA standard, since the majority of people have the CUA way in their mind.


Agree that, at least, in the text edit context they should work. Here we have a new idea. Kudos!

André Manzolli

Mechanical Engineer
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Curitiba - PR - Brazil
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Along the same lines it would be nice to have the actual text properties moved to a location closer to the actual text being edited. MS Office 2007 I think did a good job with this using their new right click floating window for text.


text editing.png


Yes, please, can we have this!

CTRL/B does indeed remove broken wires; but I'm not going to mean that when I'm in the middle of editing text in a decoration.

There is always the 'undo' function as well if I get the wrong one!

Proven Zealot