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String control/indicator/constant with code formatter

Status: New

The proposal consists in being able to format the content of a string control, to allow to read more easily: INI, XML, HTML, ...


Code Formatter.PNG



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I wonder if a .NET control already exists out there that could handle this? A quick search turned up ScintillaNET which may do the job. A built in version to LabVIEW would be handy though. I'd throw JSON into the mix too.

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This idea is a superset of this one:


This idea asks for control of the formatting. The linked idea asks for HTML rendering. HTML rendering is not exactly the same, but if you can control the formatting, you could cause some strings (i.e. tags) to evaporate entirely and change the fonts of things between those tags (for example). To some degree, they are strongly related, albeit not exact duplicates.

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I'm going to add my kudos to this idea, even though it seems fairly low priority -- I can see its utility to my personal code on some rare occasions. But as a workaround, you should be able to implement this idea as an XControl today. You don't have to wait for NI to implement this functionality.


I would like to add in this forum the link to LVMark markdown tool, with reference to idea "Markdown support in free labels, descriptions, and documentation" from the Idea Exchange.


We are currently using the ScintillaNET .net control for this purpose as MichealBalzer pointed out.

It should be fairly straightforward to integrate this on a LabVIEW front panel.

The benefit is that it supports a lot of different languages and formats (JSON included)

There's even the possibility of implementing auto-completion and IntelliSense like capabilities.


ScintillaNET Example within labVIEW ExecutableScintillaNET Example within labVIEW Executable