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Sort arrow in column headers of tables and listboxes

Status: New

In general I would like to see LabVIEW more in line with the OS GUI standards. We have dialog controls and colors, however they are not set up to be the default choice - and we lack other GUI elements like status bars, notify icons, child windows etc. etc. A large part of LV-programmers' time is spent on ways to get LV to mimic what users will recognise and therefor intuitively understand.


In this case I simply miss the "sort glyph" that indicates that a table or listbox is sorted based on a given column and in which direction.


I imagine we could show or hide this and set its direction with a property node...It would not handle the sorting (although that would have been neat as well - if you had an in-built sorting that just needed to know a few parameters about the column data to do the job)...

Proven Zealot

Automatic column sorting (including the glyph) on multicolumn listboxes has been spec'ed out in LabVIEW R&D, but has been given a lower priority than other projects.  I would *really* love to see this feature get in.  So let's see some kudos on this one!



Knight of NI

Yes please add the sort glyph to the multicolumn listbox. I would be even happy if this would simply be an event that can be added to the event structure so that I can implement the actual sort algorithme myself.


Special Kudos if there would be a possibility to have LabVIEW sort the column itself based on some options like alphanumeric, case sensitive etc. but that would be not really necessary for me.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV

I just spent all day trying to figure out how to do this, and if it could be done. 


I have decided it can be done, And I am going to try to do it using the information I found in this link:


Also, I believe that i will have to abandon using the Header information, since I cannot put symbols on the headers?





Ben Yeske
Active Participant

100 Kudos! Well done.


So can we *please*  have column sorting now?? Smiley Wink

Chris Virgona

Native sorting and filtering of table control columns would be a great plus.  The associated glyphs would be the next logical addition after that.  Until then, I've been using the OpenG "Sort Array" function (see