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Selection mode in Browse option in file path control - changes automatically

Status: Declined

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It would be great if the selection mode in browse option for file path control changes automatically according to which node it is been connected and as per nodes function.


Browse option

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I like the Idea, but I'll make a generalized argument against: making heuristic determinations based on downstream (or even upstream) logic or functions is tricky. What if the wire branches? What if it runs through a structure boundary? What if the control is inside an array, and the file-op happens inside an auto-indexed For Loop?


For all these "what-if" scenarios, there's a rule in the heuristic ruleset on how to react to certain situations. If this Idea were implemented, users would invariably find some exceptions or optimizations to make the ruleset better, providing ongoing maintenance for the R&D owner (i.e., job security 😉 😄 ).


Generally, I'm going to be against heuristics in LabVIEW when the perceived cost-to-benefit ratio is too high, also factoring in development resources as an opportunity cost.




I understand your "what-if" s and also liked them too. At least we can try this for basic scenarios as mentioned in the diagram and keep a default condition for the rest "what-if" s. 


I also strongly believe that this will reduce one extra step for the user and make LabVIEW better. There should be business sense also as you said.

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First thought, yes this is certainly an annoyance, but I can think of a few preferable workarounds to your suggestion.


1.  If you do this enough drop a properly configured path control onto your Favorites palette.  Don't have one?  Good time to start.

2.  There is certainly room in the palettes for a 'Directory Path Control', same control different default behavior.  NI can focus group if it should be Existing or New or Existing by default.

3.  At least this should be a Right-Click option, the most annoying aspect for me is to Right-Click->Browse Options->Grab a pizza while waiting for the menu->Change selection.   There would have to be two choices, but two Right-click pulls can be done in a heartbeat.


Final comment:  I haven't tested much, but any control created from a function (built-in or vi.lib) *should* come with the correct behavior.  I do not believe this happens now, based on a test with List Files.  Seem to recall a previous idea related to this.

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Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 5 kudos within 5 years after posting will be automatically declined.