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Quirky Labels: Part 2

Status: New

 Observe the following behavior in this series of events:





1. A regular ol' cluster is created.

2. The labels are dragged with the mouse to the snap-to upper left hand corner.

3. Right click on the control, change to indicator.

4. Right click on the Array, uncheck "Visible Items > Index Display"


Things I do not like about the above process:

1. Between steps 1 and 2, the cluster gained 7 pixels in height!

2. Between steps 2 and 3, the numeric and enum end up with a label that's about to tip over and fall off the left edge.

3. Between steps 3 and 4, the array label lost all support, and is definitely about to fall.




Proposal: When components of a control or indicator are hidden or shown, or the size is changed, the position of the label is invalidated, and repositioned based on the new bounds of the object. 


If you like this idea, please, go back and like this idea too: Quirky Labels: Part 1.

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Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI
I don't know, it's kind of like a Looney Toons cartoon in the middle of your work day - the label heads off the cliff, then waits for a few seconds before realizing it should actually fall. Who wouldn't want that? 😄

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