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Project error code files ...

Status: New

Today, the management of error codes is a little bit complicated. (Error code file to include in executable properties ... )


It could be intersting to add a new entry to a project which could list all custom errors only available to the project.


This file or project property could be associated with the project as a source code !


How many time you'll get an old application ... without all files ... And error code file is a source file. So the error code file should be located near the project ...

Or best inside the project !


The best way to manage the custom errors would be to edit them in the project properties like "conditionnal disable symbols".


Simplifying the error code management will reduce the none managed errors ( The famous 488 error !!!! which i hate ! )

Great idea!

It seems like such an easy thing to do too.  Just make the Custom Error Codes file path selectable in the Project, rather than hard-coded to ..\User.lib\


Yes! This really is a great idea for people working with multiple and large projects!

Let me just add that I don't like to put anything into user.lib or instr.lib (not even 3rd party instrument drivers).
If something is needed inside a project, it should be part of the project directory and managed in source code control.


All the things NI likes us to put into user.lib and instr.lib are some kind of user data which don't belong under the Windows Program Files directory (a normal user shouldn't have write access there anyway).



With all new LabVIEW projects working towards a project based development, I think this idea should be more alive than ever.

Late, but I left my kudos here.

Active Participant

I agree. The error codes need to be local to the project and controllable via SCM

Ajay MV