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Marc Blumentritt

New page in application builder to configer the default values of the ini file of the executable

Status: New

If I create an application and start it for the first time, an ini file is created with default values, which at least I d'ont know, where these default values come from. There should be a transparent method to configure the default ini options of an application. I think a new page in the application builder, which provides all possible ini parameters, is the way to go.


With this new feature I can shsre my exe without the ini file, too.

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Active Participant

I think your idea is quite near mine ...


Linking ini file content to the executable or the project is a good way to create "machine independant projects".


I have also an idea consisting of managing the custom errors directlty in the project, not globally like the ini file. 


I think that keeping these "headen sources" with the project, is important ... if you have to maintain them !