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Ctrl+F find in labview with text option doesn’t find text inside FPGA read write nodes

Ctrl+Find in labview doesn’t find text inside FPGA read write nodes. So once needs to select that node and do a Ctrl+F and find them all vs. only a certain text inside them.


Would be nice to be able search based on text.


Best regards, Pavan 


I have this exact problem. I am working on someone else's code where they used FPGA Read/Write control everywhere in the diagram. Being able to search on strings would go along way to helping untagle the spaghetti.


The same problem exists in the FPGA with FIFO, register and memory nodes. You can find all the nodes, but you can't search for all the nodes for a given FIFO. If you have a program where registers have been used like globals, it can be difficult to understand. Search would help.

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