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Create Stop Button on OR Gate Connected to Stop Terminal of Loop

Status: Declined

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Make boolean logic functions that are already connected to the Loop Condition Terminal create a Stop Button by default:









What I currently do is build the code up to the point seen at the top, then right-click on the Loop Condition terminal to create my stop button.  I then move it over and connect it to the OR.


Albeit it isn't too much of a hassle, I could imagine newer users being confused/frustrated trying to create a stop button off of the OR gate.  Personally I find the process a bit annoying (I typically write several small example programs in a given work day and almost always use this).



I would like to see a Stop button created off of the first "tier" of boolean logic (including Compound Arithmetic) that is already connected to the Loop Condition terminal.  This change, along with allowing a Boolean Function to Accept an Error Cluster, would make programming loops in the above way a much faster and more intuitive experience.



Any thoughts?

John Passiak
Trusted Enthusiast
I meant to select "Control" instead of "Constant", but hopefully you get the idea 🙂
John Passiak
Trusted Enthusiast

What would be the expected behavior of either of these two cases?



Trusted Enthusiast

It's a good point, the original idea was to create the Stop Button in the following cases:






I wouldn't expect the behavior to propagate up further than the first OR/Compound Arithmetic function connected to the stop button.  If you have a control connected to an OR statement which is in turn connected to the Loop Condition terminal, the button's purpose is without a doubt to stop the loop.  If the button is part of any other logic further upstream then its exact purpose wouldn't be as clear (I'd prefer LabVIEW not to guess for me).


For me it also doesn't seem necessary for the case structure, but I suppose that could be up for debate.  What's your take on it?

John Passiak
Trusted Enthusiast

I agree that the further you travel upstream, it's harder for LabVIEW to guess... on the other hand, only having the idea apply to one OR terminal seems too limited. I agree the case structure seems silly, but the first example would be a legitimate candidate for "STOP".


Like the Loop iteration indicator defaul name, virtually all of my STOP buttons are for troubleshooting, and are temporary. I certainly welcome both ideas since they're good and would make development more intuitive, but personally, my utilization of the feature would not warrant R&D's time to implement (unless the implementation is trivially easy, or would somehow otherwise improve internal IDE code)

Active Participant

How about this three steps:


1) Right click on the Condition Loop terminal to create a control => Stop button will be created;

2) Right click on the wire between the Ok button and the Condition Loop terminal then insert an Or function Insert -> Boolean Palette -> Or => A "Or" funcion will be inserted . To make the next step easier, be sure to click just above the wire when you insert the "Or" to make LabVIEW leave the upper connector free.

3) Connect the Status output from the error cluster to the remaining free terminal in theinserted "Or" function.


I hope it helps!

André Manzolli

Mechanical Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
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Curitiba - PR - Brazil
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Hey Manzolli,


Thanks for the suggestion!  I actually have used this method before as well but it's kind of dificult for me to get LabVIEW to connect to the desired terminal of the OR so I switched to the other method described above.


In any case, the suggestion is just a thought--it would be nice but is certainly not critical.  I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement but if not too much trouble I would find it very helpful.

John Passiak
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Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has received less than 4 kudos within 4 years after posting will be automatically declined.