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Create Object Property Node via Right Click Menu

Status: New

When you right click on a user created object you are only given the following options for the create submenu



In order to access the properties (like in the below image) you need to manually drop a property node and wire it up


example property.png


It would be really nice if you could create properties through the right click menu. This is possible with other built in classes like the shared variable refnum (see the following image)

shared variable refnum.png

And that creates a property node like this


refnum property.png

It would be nice if that was possible for user created class objects as well.


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Knight of NI

Yes!  I just voted for the newest Idea, to add QControls to "Standard LabVIEW".  So that I knew what I was Kudoing, I installed the QControl Toolkit and tried out the Tutorial.  When I got to the step "Add a Property to the Class Wire", I got stuck -- right-clicking the Class Wire brought me to the following menus:

Right-click 1.pngRight-click 3.pngRight-click 2.png

The last two pictures are of the Create and Cluster-Class-Variant choices -- nothing about Properties.


I've done relatively little LVOOP programming, so was unaware that one just "dropped the Property Node" and wired it up.  I was also led slightly astray by a change made in the appearance of the Wire, leading me to think I'd messed up at an earlier stage.  As LVOOP appears to be a robust and powerful (although "advanced") addition to LabVIEW, providing a little "right-click assistance" seems warranted.


Bob Schor