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Console for Python Node

Status: New

I am happy that LabVIEW supports Python code with the Python Nodes. But it is difficult to debug errors. A console showing the output of the Python Scripts would be handy.

Enthought's Python Integration Toolkit had this function so I guess it shouldn't be a big thing to add?



Same problem! Haven't you get an answer for this topic?

Knight of NI

> Same problem! Haven't you get an answer for this topic?


This is the idea exchange and the above post is an idea for future improvements, not to solve a problem or get answers. If you want this idea to be considered, you should vote for it (click on the star in the upper left).

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I'd like to get your feedback on an unpublished feature that's in LabVIEW 2018 and later. If you edit your INI file to contain "ShowConsoleForPythonNode=TRUE" then a window will open when a Python Node executes to show the output from Python. Would this functionality meet your debugging needs?

Christina Rogers
Product Owner, LabVIEW R&D

Wow thank you Christina this very well,


this would have saved me so much trouble a year ago 😄

But still VERY usefull!!


Any other unpublished features you would like to share? 


Edit: The Python connection crashes when I close the console output window. But I guess that this is a known issue.