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Color Picker Event On Mouse Movement

Status: New

If I drop down a color picker control, I can get an event on it for when a new color is selected by using the value change event.  But what if I want to know what color the user has their mouse over, before clicking on it?  Many of NI's controls change color as you select a new color.  The Graph plots for instance will update as you move the mouse around.


This idea is to allow color picking controls to have a new user event, which is Mouse Over Color which gets generated when the user mouses over a new color.  This way we can make applications that change the color of some UI element before the user picks the new color like NI does.


This can be accomplished today by recreating the color picking functionality in a new VI.  Here is one example posted that allows you to pick a color.  Using this someone could generate a User Event, or post to a global as the new color selection is being made.

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Knight of NI

Same for rings and enums?


I'd also like an event when the popup (color picker, ring or enum) is 'dismissed' by the user. My colors live in a DIY grid control, and I need to hide the color picker control when the user is done with it.