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Class ICON update to Class wire scheme

Status: New

Allow the wire scheme to dicdate the icon cube color, instead of just letting labview come up with an arbitrary color the developer has to fiddle around with for 10 minutes so that all icons will match at the creation of the class.  If anyone forgets to color the control icon and has already created a number of controls it’s going to result in copy and pasting.


Class ICON Creation


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Hey Eric,


I like this idea but I thought I would also point this one out if you hadn't seen it. Similar, but I think more effective (since most people change the icon, I think, before they release their final application):



AristosQueue (NI)
NI Employee (retired)

smithd: Those are two totally different and completely unrelated icons. The one in the project tree is the file type that does not change no matter what you do to the specific class. The other is the specific icon for this class used on a control/constant of the class type. The two ideas are unrelated.

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I'm aware, but I thought both fell in the general category of "make objects more readable through the use of color". One improves project readability, one improves bd readability. I thought it might be nice to link the two ideas together.