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Change error terminals of Variant to Data function to match every other VI and Function in LabVIEW

Status: Completed
Available in LabVIEW 2011
Almost every VI and Function in LabVIEW that uses error handling uses the 4-2-2-4 connector pane and has the error terminals perfectly line up.  However the Variant to data function (and perhaps others) has the terminals a few pixels up forcing bends in wire or the functions not to be lined up.  I think all VIs should be standardized to help make nicer looking block diagrams.

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Nice observation.
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And, while you're changing connector panes to line up error wires, please consider aligning "To More Specific Class" reference / error terminals with the (standard) property / invoke node reference / error terminal spacing.  It's currently one pixel off... *thanks*

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BEAN: agreed wholeheartedly. Almost made a new idea.



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I think a 4-TDC-4 connector pane would be a good solution for this problem. Check out the 7th reply.
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Also, don't forget ".NET Object to Variant" and "To .NET Object".


As a reference, the first and fourth functions are both "Get Variant Attribute" that conform to the 4-in-4-out connector pane standard.



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Check out the New 4-3-3-4 Connector Pane.


And directly to LabBEAN: would you create a new Idea about the To More Specific Class being off by a pixel? Feel free to use the image I posted, and link to this conversation. I think it's important this Idea does not get lost in the comments, and it may not be classified as an "officially" requested Idea unless it has it's own entry.

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Some of the basic Vision Development Module VIs have nonstandard connector terminals, too. IMAQ Create, IMAQ Get Image Size, etc...

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Input Devices Connector Pane:




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Since this thread is accumulating multiple "things that have slightly off terminals", I figured it should include the Split/Join Numbers primitives, discussed in this thread:

(which itself has [today] 41 Kudos)



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Status changed to: In Development
The change to the Variant to Data function is In Development. There are complications with some of the other nodes mentioned in the comments and will likely not be addressed along with this change. However, the extra nodes have been documented to be addressed in similar ways for a future release.
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