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Application Build and Properties Availability in LabView RuntimeEngine

Status: Declined

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Application builder should output an errormessage when building an app from a vi, which uses property nodes, that are not available in LV runtime engine.


I have made a little test and have found out that the app is just build and in the app default values of the corresponding datatype is output from a property node without availability in runtime engine. I would expect an errormessage during app build, or at least during runtime of the app. I have performed this test with LabView2009SP1, because I have just got the 2010SP1 DevSuite version some days ago and have not installed it yet, because I use the SP versions only, you will guess why ... 😉

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The property node will return an error in this case, but you probably didn't wire the error out. Automatic error handling is not available in the runtime engine. If you want to know an error happened, you must wire your errors and report them using one of the error handler VIs or some other mechanism.


I can understand preferring a build error though.


@ Permalink: Yes, thank you. I know that automatic errorhandling is not available. Nevertheless in my opinion an app should not execute ("broken wire", errormessage or what ever besides the normal errorhandling), if properties are used, which are not available in the Runtime System: The app should not be able to be started, because it makes no sense - you will get an error. Of course I also prefer a build error ...

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I don't think this is the right way of doing this. I might have code which is not going to be used in a built app, but which I still leave in there and I don't want that to break the build.


At most, this should produce a warning, and I'm not sure when the right time would be. I certainly wouldn't want LV to have to go over the entire code before building every single time I build an app just for this. Probably adding a message to the build log at a point in which LV goes over the VIs anyway is enough.

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I'm pretty sure the reason that AppBuilder works this way is because many people do not use the Conditional Disable structure on their code. They have some other value that they evaluate as data to decide whether or not to call the property nodes, and so AppBuilder lets it stand even though those won't ever be called -- AppBuilder has no way of knowing that. The Conditional Disable is fairly new to LabVIEW -- 8.2, I think -- and making the change in compilation would break older build app scripts.

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Any idea that has received less than 3 kudos within 3 years after posting will be automatically declined.