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Add "Explore" option to right-click menu for Path indicators and controls

I would love to be able to use any given path indicator or control as a starting point for file searches....


Imagine showing the path of a logfile on a FP and being able to simply right-click it and select "Browse" to open an explorer (or your OS equivalent) window at that path....



Proven Zealot

I like this idea, but I think we might want to say "edit time only" since I'm not sure if every application out there wants that. Not sure... have to think about it. But kudos!

NI Employee

Cool idea.


If you're interested in rolling your own (or using my pre-rolled code) you can add this to your VIs today with just a little code, here's how:

Active Participant

I don't think you mean Browse, but Explore.  Browse typically means you get to select the file.  Explore (which you see in LabVIEW project in several places, for example), opens up windows explorer at that location.

Proven Zealot

Good point, Matthew.

Intaris: Do you mind if an administrator changes your idea title to "Explore"?

Trusted Enthusiast

The conflict between my use of "Browse" and the existing "Browse" usage for path controls occurred to me too late.  Change by all means.  "Explore" would definitely be better.




A temporary solution until this gets implemented could be:


Explore button.png