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Abort all VIs Button in Taskbar (Modal Windows Problem)

Status: New

There are times when I leave a VI with modal properties open and then I run the main application that also calls this VI if opened in the development environment. This locks all running windows due to the modal VI. I propose a button in the taskbar that aborts all running VIs OR perhaps a list is opened on right-click of all running VIs 🙂





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Great idea...

In the meantime you could use the LAVA Abort written by Jim Carmody

you may find it here on






Sweet. Thanks!

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This would be a good item to place in the LabVIEW jump list for Windows 7.


Yea I like that! Time for NI to move forward!

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Thank you! This drives me nuts
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I read your post and thought "that's a good idea" and then I realized I have something like this functionality today:


Download this VI:



And then pin it to your LabVIEW icon in the taskbar like so:


3-7-2011 11-26-52 AM.png


Since this has a UI it doesn't help with modal windows (as you requested) so I rewrote another version to just abort all running VIs.  It's attached to the same document above.


So now I have:


3-7-2011 12-03-31 PM.png


For all my get out jail free needs.



Awesome work! I really like that... many thanks for your post

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I usually have this function on my top-level (or any code I may "run" while having left a dratted modal FP open)  for just such a reason


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Two points:

1) The abort tools posted above do not handle clones of reentrant VIs that are free running either because of the Run VI method or because of the Async Call By Reference "Fire and Forget" mode. Clones are not listed in the "all VIs in memory" list.


2) There's a second idea, not quite as many kudos, but perhaps just as useful, to put an abort button on the Project Window to abort the VIs for that project only:

I happen to like this one because it is scoped to the VIs I want to abort (typically) and because it would be available on non-Windows platforms.


Am I missing something? It sounds like this is a bug and NI just needs to fix it. My usual first reaction to "this must be a bug" is "I must not understand it". So, a GOOD explanation could justify this behavior.