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keithley 2410 wrapper class

Hello, i was looking for a ivi-com driver for the keithley 2410, and there exist only for IVI-C, but i need to write a program in visual c# in order to control the 2410, doing some research i read that i can use the ivi-C driver using a wrapper class, but that is generated in labwindows, which i don't have.


So i kindly request someone who can provide me with such wrapper class and (if possible) an example of use, i would really appreciate your help.



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Why IVI-COM and not IVI-.NET? Why not call the IVI-C directly as described by Where did you get the idea that CVI can create COM or .NET code? Please provide the links.
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Sorry i meant measurement studio instead of cvi, my bad, a mistake, and well i couldnt find a .net ivi driver for my device, just  ivi-c.


i cannot call the ivi-c in visual c#, cannot add a reference.



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That link does not mention anything at all about IVI.

Did you look at the instructions on I don't think you have s problem with any NI hardware or software, just problems with c# programing.
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i don't have measurement studio so i cannot follow those steps above

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i don't have measurement studio so i cannot follow those steps above

Measurement Studio is free to try for 45 days.
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