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Watlow F4 GPIB USB HS communication problem

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I am trying to communicate with the Watlow F4 controller on a Tenney Enviornmental Chamber. The only port available is a GPIB port. I successfully installed the GPIB-USB-HS cable and I can see that device under MAX devices and interfaces. However, no instrument is found when scanning for instruments at defaults GPIB interface settings. I have also downloaded the Watlow F4 VI drivers and try to run from there. I got an Error-1073807346 occurred at VISA open in Watlow> Watlow F4 System set


I am using Labview 8.5.1 with 488.2, VISA, DAQmx installed.


Please see attached pictures for details. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.






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Trying the VI is pointless if the instrument is not seen in MAX. I would suggest you refer to the manual or the vendor to see if there is something you need to do on the instrument to enable GPIB communication.
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Thanks Turns out that the GPIB to Serial Board is not working properly as indicated by the LEDS. May need a replacement

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