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Not able to acquire a wavefrom continuously using Agilent 2000 3000 X-Series

Hello, I am using Keysight Oscilloscope MSOX3054A with LabVIEW 2020 via USB communication.


It works fine when I grap a single moment of waveform, so it is not a connection problem between the PC and the instrument.


However it always encountered an Error 1073807298: Could Not Perform Operation Because of I/O Error when I tried to get a waveform continuously using an example file "Agilent 2000 3000 X-Series Acquire Waveform". 


It hangs up even faster when I get multiple channels from Oscilloscope and I need to cycle the power to use it again.


I tried some solutions related to acquisition mode in Fetch which helped to increase the execution time from seconds to minutes, but the error still exists.


I also matched the versions of  LabVIEW 2020 and NI VISA 20.0 for compatibility.


I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this issue.

Best regards


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Hello  youngju1410

I see your problem connected with error that occurred. Have you checked this article to solve that issue? 

Error -1073807298: Could Not Perform Operation Because of I/O Error - NI


There is a several ways to solve this issue, go through the article, explore the methods brought there witch can be exact solution to your problem.



Best regards Lyudvig Hovsepyan

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Thank you Lyudvig,


I solved this issue by changing a USB port.


The USB cable type from the oscilloscope is 2.0 and I tried to connect it to the 3.0 port.


It works fine after I connected to the 2.0 port.


Best regards

Youngju Nam

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