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Is it possible to install on the same computer two version of Labview?

For example Labview 2014 and Labview 2020 community Edition, without any conflict?


Can someone help me?





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Most any drivers you may be using will not be compatible with both versions as NI only supports back 3 versions (ex DAQmx 20 supports back to LabVIEW 2017).  And I don't think the community license will work with LabVIEW 2014.

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i had previous issues with drivers, so installed the community edition on a virtual machine.

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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It is possible to install 2 versions of LabVIEW on the same computer but it is not possible to have 2 version of NI hardware drivers on the same system.  Personally due to this, I use virtual machines for each different version of LabVIEW.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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