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Using multiple sensors together with linx

Hi guys,


i am a very beginner in with labview and linx and i want to build up a motor control via accelerometers. Therefore i would like to use two accelerometers together with arduino uno. Unfortunately i can only find instructions for the use of one mpu but no explaination for the use of multiple sensors/actors. Can you help me how i can build up this?


best regards,


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Hello Audnread, and Welcome!

Since I2C is a bus serial communication, you can just use multiple read and write nodes from linx in your VI.

Usually to help, we need a bit more information such: what are your requisites? are you using different i2c channels? do you know how to set up slaves adresses?

i will assume that:
you are using an arduino UNO, using only i2c channel 0, and different slave adresses (if not then you need multiplexing)
i do not have here 2 mpu 6050 (for example) for testing, but i do have a GY-80 that contains different slaves.
Also, i could use pre built VIs to initiate communication and read registers, but i opted not, in order to be very didactic.


i created a very simple VI for you. Please let the community know if that worked out for you.

here are the information on this gy-80 sensor board: https://www.nskelectronics.com/gy-80_-_multi_sensor_board.html


READ 2 I2C Addresses.png

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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