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Python Labview and LCD Display



Can LV call a Python script that reads data from a vi then then Python prints it on a 16x2 or 20x4 display? 


I've been putting this question off because I don't know enough to know that it may be a stupid question.

It sounds a simple solution but it could be an equally stupid answer.



Stupid Mike


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Sure. If it's something like a serial LCD connection you could also just write directly to it from LabVIEW as well.

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Thank you.

Please forgive me but I'm still a bit confused.

What's the point of this?



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The use of parallel connections with displays using LINX and arduino is a bit difficult because the communications works aroung 200Hz.
by creating a custom command, you insert your "own protocol" to transfer data to arduino (or other board, doesnt matter) inside the arduino code (sketch, .ino file etc) you use the common LCD library (in this case) to write data.

however you can use custom command for any need.
you can also use a UART serial display directly from linx.

If you need help with a project of anything like this, it is better to try describing what you are trying to do.

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I'm not trying to do anything but research. I've been at it for a few months with no particular project at the moment. 

The goal is to make a clear-headed decision on an SBC and programming package. 

It's looking like LattePanda. Have you seen those things?!?!





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Ohhh i See, sorry then.

regarding LattePanda, people here on forum have been strugling trying to connect LINX, apparently without a solution. The problem is that nobody is adapting the firmware to work on that hardware.

i do enjoy making fun projects with LabVIEW and open source hardware. The most that i am using to mess around is the Raspberry, because i can deploy the code instead of junt having it thetered to my pc. 

the last one i made was a temperature (SPI), voltage and current (modbus RTU) daq with raspberry pi sending data using MQTT protocol. here is the link if it inspires you: 




And you can also connect arduino to raspberry using linx




Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
Sistema Fiep
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