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Beaglebone Black does not run Startup VI without internet connection

Hello All,


I can successfully connect my Beaglebone Black to LabVIEW using the USB connection on but the RJ45 must also connected to my home router and the internet.  I can build a startup vi and it runs perfectly.  I can also power cycle the BBB and all is well, but if I remove the RJ45 connection and power cycle the BBB the startup vi will not run and only runs after the RJ45 is reconnected and another power cycle.  Unfortunately I need the vi to run on the BBB in a pure standalone way with only power supplied.  Any help really appreciated.

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I have the same issue. I don't know if this is the intended behavior, but I thought I'd add some more context to the issue. The following is using a modified Blink.vi so the light blinks on its own.


  • Labview will not start on the Beaglebone Black unless it is connected to the internet via the ethernet port.
  • Once Labview is started the ethernet can be removed and the Labview service on the board can be started/stopped (using the command "sudo systemctl start labview.service") as long as the session is active. Rebooting will need the ethernet to be connected again.
    • If there is actually an internet requirement why does it work when removed?
  • I am using a trial version of Labivew 2023 Q1 to evaluate if this is something I can use.
    • Could the board be trying to communicate with the NI servers to se if the trial version is still vaild?
      • @Toumbstones, are you using a trial version?
    • examining the "systemctl" output when it successfully connects seems to communicate with NIServers, 

Mar 15 15:39:01 beaglebone NISysServer.py[1542]: - - [15/Mar/2023 15:39:01] "GET publish?Main%20Application%20Instance%2fRTServiceName=HTTP%2f1.0%20200%20OK%0d%0aServer%3a%20Service%20Locator%

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Activated LV 2023 (non community edition), this was not the problem.

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So I worked around my problem by reverting to Labview 2020 SP1.  This version lets you install the 2020 version (20.0.0-4) of the Beaglebone Labview software to the board. Now it will boot and run the blink.vi code without an internet connection. Unfortunately, you cannot deploy from Labview 2023 using this version.


I assume the problem is either the 2023 version of the Beaglebone Labview software, or some library that comes with Labview I had when I installed Labview 2023 that somehow stuck with the VI when I deployed it.

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It would be interesting to capture the output of 'systemctl status labview.service' in both scenarios (internet connection and no internet connection).


Here's a thought:

The labview.service file that instructs systemd to start LabVIEW on boot, has this line:



That line is supposed to mean that LabVIEW will wait to start until the network stack is initialized, not necessarily that there is an internet connection.  But it makes me wonder if it has something to do with it.


As an experiment the labview.service file on the target (/etc/systemd/system/labview.service) could be edited to remove the "After=network.target" line to see if it clears up the problem.

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