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Raspi 2B connect problem on LV21 project



I'm trying to use Rapsberry 2B with LabVIEW 2021. All seems properly installed, I've installed LV21 on raspi since (Tools>Hobbyist>Target Configuration). Here all seems to be OK.


Raspi 1.PNG

Raspi 2.PNG

Raspi 3.PNG

Raspi 4.PNG

Only one comment : Connection doesn't run if I use hostname instead of IP.


Then I can n a new LV projet, and add the raspi as target. LV find it.


Raspi 6.PNG


But impossible to connect it to the projet (right click on target, Connect). I've tested o create a new user, with default value (pi - pw raspberry) and sudo privileges, but same behaviour.


Raspi 5.PNG


I work with LabVIEW Professionnel Development System Version 21.0.1f2 (32-bit). I've installed hobbyst/linx tollkit x86 version 21.1. Raspi is connected on my computer with an ethernet cable, I've checked it with putty it's OK. I share the web connection of my smartphone activating usb-modem, internet connexion is OK.  


How explain the connection error ?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!



Francis M
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Hello. Additionnal information: I didn't specify but I had set a fixed IP for the eth0 network on my raspi. I work on a W10 PC.

Thank you per advance!

Francis M
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hello, i have the same problem.

Did you solve the problem with LINX labview connection problem?

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Hello shasha86,


Unfortunately, still not... Please let me know if you find a solution, I will do the same!


Personne sur le forum n'a été confronté au problème ?


Thanks a lot !

Francis M
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