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Run Flexlogger without PC Connection

I wanted to know if there was any way to run sensors configured with Flexlogger remotely without connecting to a PC the whole time?


My setup is using Flexlogger to configure sensors on a cDAQ chassis, and one of the tests I am currently trying to perform is using a thermocouple outside to measure the difference in temperature in and out of an enclosure. Since the test would be ideally performed over a long period of time (24hr minimum) I would prefer not to have a laptop sitting in the sun or the test to run.


Any way to configure the sensors with Flexlogger to start recording after a trigger (time dependent or otherwise) and then let the test run without connection to the laptop?

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Hi JRCard,


unfortunately, you need the laptop. I'm assuming you have a standard cDAQ chassis. Even if you had a Windows Embedded cDAQ, it is not supported because FlexLogger required 64-bit OS while the WES on the cDAQ is 32-bit:



It seems that the NI Industrial Controllers: https://www.ni.com/en-ca/shop/hardware/products/industrial-controller.html

do support Windows 64-bit. They typically have a temperature range from 0-55 C.


If you have the cDAQ Windows controller, you can write a small LabVIEW program to do your acquisition.


Another idea, would be to use a WIFI or Ethernet chassis so that you can have your Laptop further. It might not be enough though.


Other NI alternatives is to move to a CompactRIO system. But it also requires to write a customer LabVIEW program as well.


Another idea is the WSN thermocouple module: https://www.ni.com/en-ca/support/model.wsn-3212.html

Again, you'll have to write a custom LabVIEW program.


There are more options. It depends on your setup and requirements.


As a NI alliance partner, this is the type of contract/projects we can help. Let me know if you'd like external help.


You can reach me at vcarpentier at neosoft dot ca


All the best and good luck,



Vincent Carpentier, Ing./Eng.
Neosoft Technologies
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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Vincent is correct. There isn't a good way to do this today with FlexLogger. Headless logging scenarios are on our roadmap for FlexLogger but will still require there is at least one chassis in the system with a controller (to do the processing and log the data) in it.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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