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Pls consider the function improvements in the new vision

1. It is nesssary to record the output parameters (AO, Relay status etc.) in TDMS datalogs, 2. The function to choose which channels to be recorded;The function to arrange channel orders in TDMS;The function to record all alarms. 3. The function to creat Cycle Event;For example, sometimes we need send a trigger to instruments or relays every 1 secconds 4. Add caculated channel with a equation including output channels. Channel_cal = AO2 + AI4; 5. Send a caculated value to the output channels, AO1= AI0+AI2 6. Add Constant channel ,so we can define a constant which can be used in equations for caculating other channels 7.Creat Even with multi-conditions, If (CH0>1 AND CH1<2) ,do even A ;else do even B 8. For Flexlogger Labview plug-in, is it possibel to create a PID controller, Flexlooger sends the current value to the plug-in and recive the PID output
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You are actually allowed to use linefeeds to improve post readability. The editor even has a numbered list available.

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I'll try to answer these as best as I can.


1. We have heard this feedback before. Some users want the outputs recorded and others don't.  I think we will probably revisit this with #2

2. Choosing channels and channel order is on the roadmap.  All alarms are already recorded in an events type column in the TDMS file.  Is that format not acceptable for your application?

3. This could be done with a plug-in, but I agree it makes sense as a built in feature.  I'll relay this feedback.

4. Makes sense, I can relay this feedback as well.

5. This is on the short term road map - what level of resolution do you need for this application - ie. does it need to be a full fidelity waveform out, or is the most recent value every 200ms OK?

6. This is on the very short term road map 

7. This is possible with a plugin, or a calculated channel in combination with events today.  I can see the value of wanting to do that without needing either of those things and can relay the feedback.

8. This is possible, but its usefulness today depends on what the consumer of the PID output is. If its another plugin, this will work great but since we don't support mapping plugin outputs to DAQ/XNET currently then there isn't a lot you can do with the PID calculation in FlexLogger until some of those other features exist.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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Thanks for your reply and kindly feedbeck.

For #5, I want that  Flexlogger could define the Loop Time for output and calculated channels.Usually I think  10~100Hz is OK.


My feeling is Flexlogger should be a simplified Veristand with features of easily setting up a DAQ and control system. Flug-in is similar to a simulation model in Veristand.  

It is useful for Flexlogger with a script editer and features to run test sequence including 'Set value, Ramp,If /else,Wait ,Do while...' 

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Hi sh911,


Thank you for providing all of the valuable feedback regarding FlexLogger. I would love to dig more into some of the feedback you have provided specifically around how it is currently impacting your applications. In addition, I could provide some updates and plans around some of the points you address in your post. 


Please feel free to reach out to me at Tommy.glicker@ni.com and we can find some time to talk more about the feedback.




Tommy G.
Product Manager - Search, My Account, and Chat
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