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Announcing FlexLogger 2020 R3

FlexLogger 2020 R3 is now released and available for download!

FlexLogger 2020 R3 introduces support for resistance measurements and adds a preview feature allowing you to publish tags and TDMS data logs to a SystemLink Server.  


FlexLogger 2020 R3 adds resistance measurements and the SystemLink Server Preview Feature.FlexLogger 2020 R3 adds resistance measurements and the SystemLink Server Preview Feature.




What's New

FlexLogger 2020 R3


  • Support for Resistance Measurements added. 
  • Improved TEDS Support; acquire TEDS information from all connected sensors with one button press. 
  • Improved Shunt Calibration; calculate the gain adjust factor and limits before applying them to bridge-based channels. 


FlexLogger 2020 R3 also introduces the SystemLink Server Preview Feature. Validation leaders and engineers running SystemLink Server can now monitor live data and collect data from multiple test stations running FlexLogger and the SystemLink Client. This feature allows you to: 

  • Publish live tag data to the SystemLink Server. This enables test labs to monitor multiple systems remotely – especially useful for long-term data logging systems.
  • Publish TDMS files with the SystemLink Server, making it easier to centralize and process data sets from multiple test stations.

 See how to enable this preview feature here, and watch the video below for an overview of the functionality. 




FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit 1.3


  • Added support for LabVIEW 2020.
  • Various improvements allowing for greater flexibility when configuring channels that interact with plugins.
  • Plugins can now write file-level metadata, such as details about third-party hardware being connected to FlexLogger.


Learn more about these and other new features with the FlexLogger Manual, and download the latest version from ni.com.

Derek B. (esoDerek)
Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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