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Retrieving FP Serial Number

I know one (only?) way to read the Serial number of a cFP network module is by reading it off the index.htm under ni-rt/system/www/index.htm. 
Is there another/better way of retrieving this Serial number?  If not, it will be nice to have this feature... may be as one of the Items on the CPU (like the 'Power Source,' etc.), or, preferably, as part of the RT Ping Controllers.VI's output.
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You can also see the Serial Number by looking at the controller in MAX and clicking on the Network Settings tab.  You should see the Serial Number in the Identification section right under Model.

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Thanks for the response Otis.  I was actually referring to programmatic access to the cFP Serial number from LabVIEW.  Sorry; I should've made it clear in my original post. 

So, it appears there's no other way -- other than reading it off of the index.htm -- then?  Any other way to get to it?


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Hello Khalid,

There is not programatic way to read it from the compact fieldpoint. That would be a great suggestion to give to R&D though. To suggest, go here.
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