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trapped when viewing attached picture


trapped when viewing attached picture

If I click on an image attachment in chrome, it opens in the same window with a huge black background and there is no way to escape except using the browser back button. This is slow, because it reloads the original page.

I think that clicking on attached images should open in a new window or in some overlay that has an [X] in the upper right or can be closed by <esc>.


Here's how it looks if I click on the attachment here. (i.e. click on the image name below the post)


(Yes, I know I can shift-click etc. but still....)


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Re: trapped when viewing attached picture

Hello Altenbach,


Thank you for your suggestion. We will review the impacts and possibility for making this change and may pursue developing this.


Best Regards,

Karina Barles
NI Community Support

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