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Disappearing Message

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Disappearing Message

I was in the process of replying to a message, then started getting error messages about "Unable to perform this action" or something like that.


I went back to the forum page to try to find the message again to reopen and reply, but I couldn't find it anymore.  I did find a link in another message to it.


Here is the link.


It now says it is message 1 of 0.


So where did it go?


Let me throw in one more odd message thing I came across, but a different message.  When I look at my recent posts, I see this message listed as unread, even though I read it.  Actually, not only did I read it, I responded to it with a question, then later I found a similar message and it clued me in that this was a spammer.  I marked the message as spam.  My reply is gone, I can look at the original message through the link.  It says it is in the LabVIEW board although it actually isn't.  But I can never make it appear as if my message has been read.



As of now, it shows up on page 5 of my listed of messages in my profile.

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Re: Disappearing Message

Hello RavensFan,


Thank you for reporting this issue. We'll investigate this further and report back when we have more information.


Karina Barles
NI Community Support


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Re: Disappearing Message

After a while,  couple hours?, the message I was originally trying to reply to did show up in the LabVIEW forum again.

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Accepted by topic author RavensFan
03-03-2017 09:19 PM

Re: Disappearing Message

Hello RavenFan,


After further investigation, we were able to determine the following:

  • The topic you reference (3586424) was sent to the Spam Quarantine by the automated system.
  • You just happened to see it between the time it was posted and the time it was marked as spam (and disappeared from the board).
    • You were still able to open the topic via the link you had even though it was in Spam Quarantine due to your Knight of NI status.
  • A few hours later, the topic was removed from the Spam Quarantine. You stumbled upon it again after that time.
  • The user had actually created the same topic twice, with the second topic differing slightly from the first. The two topics were merged together and can now be found here.

As for your second question:

You see that post listed on your profile even though the topic was marked a spam because you are still receiving credit for your contributions. However, we can see that this is not the best experience and will escalate this as an enhancement request to our community provider.


Thank you for pointing this out for us.


Best Regards,

Karina Barles
NI Community Support

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