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NIPCIBRD.SYS causes Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death

Got it. Thanks a lot for your help.

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I am also getting this problem but it happens after I disconnect my USB C hub from my laptop, which is unrelated to any NI hardware. Before I never had this issue. Problem is I dont have another laptop to use and I need it for school projects until the end of May. 

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We have been experiencing this issue on several computers for quite some time now. For me it's triggered when I hibernate my system. Seems the issue started when we upgraded to Windows 10 build 1903. Is this something the folks at NI are looking into and are they working on a fix as it's really annoying.

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For me the problem was triggered, when I put my system to sleep; when I hibernate it I'm not facing this problem. My Windows version is

"Windows 10 Enterprise", Version 1803, OS build 17134.1246

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Received the same thread exception as the original author.


NI-Package Manager 19.6

Windows 10 Enterprise

WinVer 1809 (OS Build 17763.937)



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I have this problem as well.  Usually I have a BSOD once a day.

Ben Yeske
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I looked into the issue further here. I ended up removing LabView 2015 completely and replacing it with LabView 2018. This is about 3 weeks ago and since then my BSODs are gone. I wrote down the version/date of nipcibrd.sys that came with both versions. And the strange thing is that LabView 2018 ships with an older version of nipcibrd.sys. So perhaps NI was aware of the issue but they only reverted/fixed nipcibrd.sys in LV2018 and didn't bother doing this (using updates) for LV2015. For the folks that must use LV2015, I recommend simply disabling the nipcibrd.sys driver in Windows since afaik it's not required for normal operation, as it seems NI is not interested in fixing the issue (btw. a good way to push ppl to Python).

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@lotusman412: Exact same issue here, did you ever get it resolved?

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@arnova: Rookie question: How do you find the ipcibrd.sys driver in Windows to disable/uninstall?


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I tried to just remove the nipcibrd.sys by renaming it (it is in C:/Windows/System32/drivers), but then my PC didn't boot anymore - so don't do this!!!

The problem occurred on my PC, when I put it in sleep mode. I worked around it, by not using sleep mode anymore - I hibernate the PC when necessary. Since then, the problem didn't occur anymore.

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