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FRC roboRIO Not Imaging No Matter What

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Hello all,


Recently I have been struggling with my FRC roboRIO's imaging sequence, as whenever I attempt to format it, it fails. The message from the Imaging Tool included in FRC Game Tools reads


Unable to download image to target.


Possible solutions:



Possible reason(s):


NI System Configuration: Cannot open file or folder.


Complete call chain:




Status: corrupt firmware, cannot run



I have tried the given solution, and did not want to spend writing them down. I have also tried the NI MAX which failed as well. I have read several other threads, and I still have yet to find one with an error like mine. I am really, really lost and would appreciate any help.



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I'm likely going to ask some questions that you've already tried.  I'm not sure what you've read to provide given solutions so I won't know which things you've tried.


What is the status light on the roboRIO doing?

You've tried MAX.  Did you do this in Safe Mode with a Format or did you do something else?

What's the name of the roboRIO in MAX?

Have you tried multiple PCs?

Are you connected via Ethernet or USB?

Is this a fresh roboRIO or are you upgrading an install from past seasons?

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Accepted by topic author KryptonCougars

I solved the issue. I apologize for forgetting about this post. Thank you for the response however! I solved it by running the following command and rebooting. 

nisystemformat -f -t ubifs && nisystemformat -f -t ubifs -c

Thanks anyway! 

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