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NIPCIBRD.SYS causes Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death

Thanks for the warning, @gpetrowitsch. I actually ended up disabling a PCI driver from the Device Manager, which was also a bad disabled my touch screen, touch pad, and other hardware interfaces. Luckily it must have reinstalled itself after restart so we are good now.


I actually seemed to have resolved the problem by updating my LV 2018 packages and also I updated Windows with the 'Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1909 (2)'.

My issue is no longer happening. I can remove anything from my USB-C port and no BSOD! I assume the LV update is actually what solved the issue...but I just did everything because I was getting too annoyed.




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For people reading this thread in the future, if you aren't installing the LabVIEW for FRC software suite, you aren't getting the exact same issue.  


They have a specific set of software they use for a robotics competition and aren't using the LabVIEW 2018 software stack at this point.


If you're having issues outside of the FRC Robotics context, you should be posting to the LabVIEW forums rather than this user group.  You'll get a wider audience that is more likely to be seeing the same behavior you are.

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