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NIPCIBRD.SYS causes Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death

After installing NI software for the FRC robot driver station the Windows 10 H-P laptop PC started to get BSOD soon after booting (a minute or so later).  Frequency of failure is increasing and sometimes the PC won't complete booting and won't boot for several trys.  Turns out there are much fewer problems if the USB HID devices aren't attached at boot up - no mice, keyboards, joysticks, etc. works best as does not starting any programs for awhile after booting.  Then plugin devices later.  Sometimes the BSOD still happens latter.  BSOD error is CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.


Ran Verifier that comes with Windows 10 and it says at bootup that NIPCIBBRD.SYS has failed.  That driver may or may not be the cause of the BSOD but Verifier stops booting at the first error it finds which is that one.


Can't find any information or update for that driver nor any method to disable it to see if the BSOD goes away.


Any suggestions on what to do?  Thanks.

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Hi jdough,


Did you ever manage to solve this issue?


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Never solved the issue.  It was nearly the end of the season so we used a different PC that didn't exhibit the issue for the remaining programming work.  These past two seasons didn't have the issue.

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I'll use another computer instead then!


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Hi, I have the same problem. Is there any fix for this in the meantime?

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It's an issue with Windows. A clean boot from recovery media done the trick for me in the end.

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Thanks for the reply. Please allow for some questions (I'm not a Windows system expert). What do you mean with "clean boot"? Did you set back your system to a virgin Windows installation? Does this mean you had to re-install all your other software? But how can this help if you re-install NI-Visa in the end. Then you will have nipcibrd.sys on your system again...

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You'll lose everything on your PC and will need to reinstall everything

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Thanks for the clarification. Did you also re-install NI Visa afterwards without facing the same problem with the nipcibrd.sys?

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Yeah, I just reinstalled 2019 from package manager because that was the easiest thing

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