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Labview and Imaging roboRIO problems

I'm new at programming this year, so I have very little idea of what to do. My mentor and I have been trying to follow online tutorials, and manuels, but we still can't get it working right. In the screenshot below, it shows how our Labview currently looks, but it's different from all the manuels we've been reading. And our imaging tool will also not connect to the RIO and we don't quite know why.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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It looks like you need to install the Update Suite.  You can find a link to that here:

After you download that, you'll need to unzip the Suite.  You can do this with a right-click "Extract All"  The password for the Suite is found on the link above.

After unzipping it, run the setup.exe.  This will install the Suite.  Reboot and then open LabVIEW.  At that point, you should see something that looks more like what you're expecting.

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