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FRC- Legacy setup issues.


I am using FRC-Legacy (old version) & I am trying to communicate to the device by configuring the IP address. I am able to configure the IP address but I am not able to add softwares to the FRC. I am getting an error mesage saying 'The selected target doen't support this function'. Please do let me know how can I make it work. I am also being told that it might be an issue with firmware updation but I am not able to see anything like that on NI-Max under System Settings.

Thanks & Regards.

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Are you working with the 4-slot cRIO or the 8-slot?  Which version of the FRC software are you trying to use?  Have you tried the cRIO Imaging Tool that ships with the FRC software?

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I am working with 8-slots FRC & I am using FRC-2015(Imaging Tools also). I tried to use FRC Imaging Tools option but that says no device found with the same ip address but if I try to get connected with different ip from my computer it is recognizing the FRC but it is not able to communicate.

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The 2015 FRC software is only compatible with the 4-slot cRIO chassis.  If you want to work with the 8-slot cRIO, you'll want to use the 2014 FRC software.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Can I use Labview software to create a project by uninstalling the FRC. I have tried to reconfigure the FRC by using MAX, now I can ping it. I also installed the softwares on it. I am not able to find bios updates online for it. Presently, I am having 2.0.4 bios version.

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You should be able to create a project even with the FRC software installed purely in LabVIEW.  You just won't be able to use the FRC API to work with it.

You'll just need to know how to work with cRIO programming.  Most of that is abstracted in the FRC API to make it easier for teams to get up to speed in six weeks.

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Thanks for the reply.

  • I am trying to use FRC as Crio-9074 on labview 2014. While doing so I am getting error of features not available  on project explorer. What can be a possible reason for this as i tried to install labview 2013 but still getting the same thing.
  • Do I need to update firmware as  I have 2.0.4.
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Keep in mind you'll need more than just LabVIEW to work with a cRIO.  The questions you're asking now aren't really FRC related.  You'll need to get your hands on the minimum software for a cRIO.


LabVIEW Real-Time Module

NI-RIO Drivers

LabVIEW FPGA Module (Optional)

At this point, I need to ask what you're trying to do with the cRIO. Are you trying to use it with prototype robots or with other applications?  If you're doing the first, you'd be better off using hardware that will match the current controller as the API is slightly different so you'll program it differently.  If you're doing the second, you need to look at getting licenses for the software mentioned and you should move your questions to the LabVIEW forums as your questions are now industry related rather than FRC related.

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I am using FRC for my college project(my professor gave me this device) & my department has academic license which i am using to install all the software.

Since, I was getting problems with FRC then I figured out a way of using it as Crio-9074. To be specific, I am trying to read few thermocouples & then trying to control the temperature using pid loops & few more blocks.

I do have all the softwares that you have mentioned.

Please do let me know a good way to make it work.

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If you've installed all of the software I mentioned, you shouldn't be seeing any exclamation marks in your project unless you've moved things to the wrong path.

But, you're not using "FRC" for anything.  The cRIO is a piece of hardware.  It can be used to control robotics.  That's not what you're doing with it.  It's a product that existed prior to being used in FRC competitions and exists now that the FRC has moved to a controller designed for FRC usage.

With that, these forums are for FRC discussions.  This is not one of those.  This is asking how to use a cRIO.  You'll want to install the software I mentioned in the order I listed it.  You'll want to make sure all of the versions are compatible with each other.  If you're running into issues, you'll want to post your question on the LabVIEW forums here:  That is where discussions about the cRIO take place.

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