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FRC- Legacy setup issues.

Thanks for the reply. I will definitely go to those forums. One last question which is bothering me every other second is 'Can we use CRIO-FRC as CRIO-9074'.

Thanks once again for all the information.

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At its base, the cRIO used in the FRC is a cRIO-9074.  The FRC software package installs the same drivers and modules that were referenced above.  It just makes it easier to add software to your device by creating an image that is appropriate for FRC usage.  The issue is knowing how to use it.  You've got a start.  You just need to figure out where you're running into incompatibility issues.

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If you're running into issues, you also might consider removing the "(Optional)" tag for the FPGA Module and ensure you install that and program the FPGA yourself rather than using the Scan Engine to interface with your C-Series Modules.

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Thanks a lot for helping me out.

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