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Connecting to C-Rio

We have recently been rebuilding and repurposing an old robot from the 2013 FRC game Aerial Assist. We are trying to avoid changing any hardware and although we have the code we cannot connect to the robot using the newest version of driver station although the computer is validly connected to the robot itself. We have come to the conclusion that an older version of driver station will be able to connect to the c-rio however dowloads for the 2013 version have been removed. We are looking for any suggestions or proved ways of connecting to the C-Rio.

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There's a couple of threads below this discussing the same topic.  This one has the most information:

The answer essentially comes down to which cRIO you have.  If you have the 4-slot, it's possible.  If you have the 8-slot, you're running into issues with compatibility.  This isn't something you'll be able to get around with the new driver station.  Your best bet with the 8-slot is to run the old driver station on a spare computer and work through it that way.

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