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Marc Blumentritt

Make it possible to write driver plug-ins for DAQmx and MAX

Status: New

Hello everybody,


I use always MAX to configure my DAQ cards to remove the burden of writing every time the same code just to create a DAQ task. MAX is part of my LabVIEW tool base and every project where I use a DAQ card does have a MAX config file.


Everything is nice, until I have to add some third party hardware! Then I have either use the driver provided with the hardware or write my own driver. I cannot use MAX to configure it, therefore I have to write VIs to allow online configuration. I also have to write VIs to load and save the configuration of the hardware. It would be much simpler, if the supplier of the third-party hardware or I could write plug-ins for MAX (and DAQmx) to incorporate the hardware in LabVIEW (and of course other software, which uses MAX). I could use the same API for nearly all of my hardware. One example from a competitor for this kind of hardware integration is Ipemotion of Ipetronik. There is even a plug-in for DAQmx in Ipemotion!