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Marc Blumentritt

Improve interaction with MAX

Status: New

I configure DAQmx channels, tasks, and scales as well as CAN messages and channels in MAX. It would be nice, if I could change the ordering of these elements after creation. It would also be nice to have an option to remove all configured channels (and tasks and scales) as well as CAN messages and channels, if I want to load the configuration of another project. Now I have to go to every section and delete the configuration by hand.


It would also be cool, if I could configure DAQmx variables in MAX, which I can use (write and read) in LabVIEW, too. E.g. I have a lot of tasks, which all use the same aquisition rate. If I have to change the rate, I have to change every task by hand. If I could use a variable, I just would change the variable. This would save a LOT OF WORK with huge DAQmx configurations.