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Hardware Dongles

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Since NI already has the hardware interface devloped to USB and the PCI bus and its variants, why not leverage on that and create a line of hardware dongles that are compatible with MAX, LabVIEW and LabWindows IDE's. The volume may be low but it would be an integrated solution for ease of hardware/software interaction. Each dongle would have a unique serial number that the programmer's application  can check and verify before allowing software operation.



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... with the same ruggedized specs as the cRIO, and also a serial version, with a small amount of read/write non-volatile memory. If this device had been around 1 year ago, we would be using it, but since then I don't think our need still exists...

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* Removed, I read your post too quickly 😉

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I would actually like to add to this, the ability to put some of the Runtime licenses on the same dongle.  We were looking at a vision application a year or two ago that we wanted to protect ourselves (probably with a dongle) and there was no way to get around the vision runtime licensing, as well as what we wanted.  In the end, we wrote our code in C++ because of this.