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External USB Hub Connection/Disconnection

Status: New

I have a USB-6509 and a USB-8951 connected to a computer through an external USB Hub.  MAX locks-up hard when I disconnect the External USB Hub from the computer, always requiring a reboot. When I connect/disconnect the individual devices on the other side of the External Hub, leaving the External Hub connected and powered, I do not get any problem.

Should there be problems when the External Hub is connected/disconnected, instead of the individual devices??? I'm thinking this is a "USB Problem", but the Windows Device Manager seems to roll smoothly with all the connection/disconnection variations. It is MAX (and any subsequent LV prog) that has the hangup.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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Knight of NI

Is this a new idea for LabVIEW?


It doesn't like it.  Please post your problem in the LabVIEW board.