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DAQmx Device events

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While running a test I developed I noticed an odd DAQmx behavior.  After a USB 6212 connection was momentarilly interupted all read and write tasks associated with the device hung until the USB cable was disconnected.  It would have been easy to code around if there was a Dev connection event and a Dev disconnection event that I could use to pause operations and trigger a Device reset.  Since the devices are PnP couldn't the DAQmx API simply make the system hardware connect/disconnect events visable?

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Additionally, if one is displaying a list of all available daq devices to the user so they may choose which device to use, if a USB device is connected after the program starts, one needs to continuously poll or check to see if new devices are present and update the displayed list.  Your suggestion would allow an event to be fired when a another device was connected.
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says "With DAQmx 9.0 you should now be able to use WM_DEVICECHANGE to detect when a cDAQ module is inserted/removed"