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Add support for SCXI-1600 in 64-bit Windows

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I recently discovered that the SCXI-1600 is not supported in 64-bit Windows.  From what NI has told me, it is possible for the hardware to be supported, but NI has chosen not to create a device driver for it.


I'm a bit perplexed by this position, since I have become accustomed to my NI hardware just working.  It's not like NI to just abandon support for a piece of hardware like this -- especially one that is still for sale on their website.


Please vote if you have an SCXI-1600 and might want to use it in a 64-bit OS at some time in the future.







This is irritating.  We purchased a new computer to upgrade from a ten year old laptop.  seems to indicate Windows 7 64-bit drivers available.   Got our new laptop and the drivers didn't work.  Searched online and found the above post. 


Now I have a nice new paper weight and we're back to using an old laptop XP OS and 32-bit so only 4GB RAM.




Yes, I discovered this when win7 and lv 2009 came out last year.  I am very unhappy that they still

haven't added support it in 64-bit.  The scxi-1600 is still on the price list.  Is NI *really* not going to

provide software support for their own product?


(The answer so far, is yes they're not).

Oscar Jia

Same here, we have a DAQ 6062E, and can not work at Windows 7 64 bit!

NI should provide support on this!


I have just spent 5 hours trying to figure out why I can't connect to the SXCI-1600 It would be nice. I think VMWare will be cheeper in the long run.


Please add support

Active Participant
Found this out randomly while trolling the forums. I have a half-dozen systems on the factory floor using the SCXI-1600 USB controller, dating back to 2006. Recently moved the OS from XP to W7 at IT's insistence. But stuck with the 32-bit option. Dodged a bullet! - for now, at least.
David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
(lapsed) Certified LabVIEW Developer

I found this out when trying to install the drivers on a 64-bit Windows seven machine. Disappointed that NI has no plans to fix the problem.  The SCXI chassis may be 10 years old, but it is a product that is still being sold.


We need 64 bit for the scxi-1600 as we can not afford to replace all of our scxi equipment and we need the high channel counts that the scxi line offers.


My workplace also has SCXI-1600 USB DAQ controller (4 year old), and I just discovered there is no driver for Win7 x64 (corporate push for win7 upgrade over winXP)!   This is very annoying, and we are in the same situation as previous poster; that is, cannot afford to replace the SCXI-1600 with a newer USB DAQ!


Yes, I feel like Ni should offer some trade-in option for people who owns an SCXI-1600 controller




Running into the same issue.  Frustrated and disappointed I will have buy a new device to interface with my modern software or choose to go back in time on an older system.  Not going to be an easy sell for our CFO with today's budgeting constraints.  Am rethinking decision making about investing in NI technology in future planning.


Same problem here Smiley Frustrated. Waitting for support.