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Add support for SCXI-1600 in 64-bit Windows



I recently discovered that the SCXI-1600 is not supported in 64-bit Windows.  From what NI has told me, it is possible for the hardware to be supported, but NI has chosen not to create a device driver for it.


I'm a bit perplexed by this position, since I have become accustomed to my NI hardware just working.  It's not like NI to just abandon support for a piece of hardware like this -- especially one that is still for sale on their website.


Please vote if you have an SCXI-1600 and might want to use it in a 64-bit OS at some time in the future.







I was just about to pull the trigger and buy a bunch of SCXI-1600's in order to continue to use several SCXI-1000 chassis and port from XP to Win7. The 1000's along with all of the modules is a great way to have a lot of channels (using up to 62 analog inputs and another 24+ temperature sensors per system) Currently I have 13 SCXI-1000's and 3 SCXI-1001's. I'm really hoping to continue using these along with the extensive number of modules for each, not to mention the rewiring that would be necessary in order to abandon all of this equipment.


Please consider offering drivers for Windows 7 64-bit!!!


YES....NEED SCXI 1600 64 Bit Support.  Too many 1600's in service is too costly to scrap and go to M Series in computer boards.

1600 is convenient in that multiple chassis's can be connected without the old bulky daisy chain business.


M Potter

Materials Testing Lab Manager

Knight of NI

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I have same problem with SCXI-1600, easy and convenient to connect, but not supported by 64 bit OS.

The laptop I'm using is Win 7 64 bit, and I created the second partition in the harddrive and installed Win 7 32 bit on it. Now I have a dual boot computer and every time I have to be carefully which partition I'm booting from.

However, NI should consider developing a driver for this controller for 64 bit OS versions, rather of having so many unhappy customers.


Knight of NI

Then read the comment above yours!  Ideas are recognized by how many kudoes they get.


 I had a moment of joy two days ago when I discovered this link:

If you scroll toward the bottom of the page, SCXI-1600 is listed (twice) as supported hardware for the new driver.

I rushed to install it but it was a false alarm, still it doesn't work, it sees the card but it asks driver for 64 bit.

Bottom line, it will be great, but I don't think NI will ever create a 64 bit driver for this card.

Knight of NI

I am not defending NI here, but the reasoning I have heard (memory is a little fuzzy on the exact details) is that SCXI was due to be phased out this year or last.  It has been pushed out due to enough military and aerospace customers still needing to support SCXI systems from 20+ years ago.  But the complete obsolescence is coming soon.  Even through the new web shop interface, you cannot find SCXI through any links.  You have to explicitly search for the parts you need.  SCXI should be being replaced with PXI/PXIe.


Now, just to raze on NI a little: they really should have made a 64-bit driver back when XP was phased out and Win7 64-bit became the standard OS across every company I was in contact with.

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It's not about defending, or offending, NI here, they're following the business trend these days: selling the new equipment, making the old equipment obsolete.

And to your point, I can see the trend, SCXI system is not even mentioned in any regular seminar, webinar, and likewise.

The point is, there are a still a lot of users of this system, which spent tens of thousands of dollars on this equipment and are not ready yet to scrap it.

Developing a 64 bit driver will make them a favor, but again, I am skeptic about that going to happen.

I'm just wondering when this is going to happen with the other systems like CompaqDAQ.

Don't forget, Microsoft is leading this trend by changing the OS's every two years, or so, forcing the others to re-write the drivers.