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LabVIEW Technical Resource

Wow! It's been a while since I don't hang out here. Everybody is all grown up now and there is a lot of new people.


Anyway, do any of you remember the "LabVIEW Technical Resource: The only LabVIEW subscription with VI Software included"? I have ten issues:


Volume 7, Number 1

Volume 7, Number 2

Volume 9, Number 3

Volume 9, Number 4

Volume 10, Number 1

Volume 10, Number 2

Volume 10, Number 3

Volume 10, Number 4

Volume 11, Number 1

Volume 11, Number 2


They are all in great conditions and with the CDs (yes! The VIs were delivered in CDs. Good days.)


Are you missing any of these issues from your collection? Do you feel like starting a collection about something related to LabVIEW?


All ten for only $15 plus S+H. If interested, contact me at
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20 issues here from Volume 8, Number 1 to Volume 12, Number 4

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Enrique, I assure you many people remember both you and LTR. That said, I have only read a few articles that they had online and that was quite a few years ago, so I don't remember the details well enough. Would you say the content in those volumes is worth the hassle of shipping it overseas?


P.S. How about coming back? You're almost at 1K posts... 😉

Try to take over the world!
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I would be interested in the LabVIEW Technical Resources. If they are available.



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Mine aren't for sale.

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